My daughter put on a brave face and come down to my workroom to take a look at the progress of my box. She cautiously looked at what I was doing and touched the wood, noticed the boards I am practicing on, relaxed a little with the idea of it all. As we were talking about the other art that I have and if I would include certain pieces with the box, she came up with a great idea: sparklers! She thought that maybe sparklers lighting up when the fire started burning would be something I would find amusing as I looked down on the event from the other side. Brilliant, don’t you think? This girl knows me really well! I thought a lot about it this afternoon (well, it popped in and out of my imagination from time to time). I wondered what it would look like if I used the sparkler dust in the joints of the box, or even if I worked it into the lid so that it would light up and outline with sparks some of the things that I will put on top of the box. One of the rules is to have the box metal-free, so I will have to be somewhat careful about reining in my imagination so that I can incorporate this lovely addition.

The most interesting thing about my conversation with my daughter was how I could incorporate her ideas and how included she already was in the process. It is similar to my son’s suggestion about what I could call the box to change the resistance of people who I have talked to about it. I am appreciating their influences and their love of me and my eccentricities…nice…I am building that into my Life Box already…


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